What is a Bearing Isolator?

A Bearing Isolator is a compound labyrinth sealing device that isolates a bearing from its environment - so the bearing is kept properly lubricated and free from contamination.


How does a Bearing Isolator work?

An Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolator is a two part dynamic seal consisting of a stator, press-fitted into the bearing housing, and a rotor, attached to the shaft. The rotor revolves with the shaft, driven by a tightly fitting drive ring that is fixed to the shaft. The rotor and stator form a non-contacting compound labyrinth seal with no wearing parts, ensuring permanent protection.


Why would I use an Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolator?

Inpro/Seal is the inventor and leader of bearing isolator technology. We have been a trusted source with over 30 years of knowledge and real world experience to design the right solution for you. Our same day shipments, custom engineered solutions and localized sales force give you peace of mind that your rotating equipment is permanently protected from bearing failure.


How long will an Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolator last?

Since there is neither mechanical contact nor friction, heat or wear, the Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolator will usually outlast the bearings and other mechanical components of the rotating equipment it is designed to protect.


What is the function of the internal VBX® O-Ring?

When rotating equipment is cycled on and off, the heating and cooling of the bearing enclosure draws contamination from the outside environment into the bearing housing. When the equipment is static, the Inpro/Seal VBX-Ring effectively seals the bearing housing from outside contaminants. During operation, centrifugal force lifts the VBX ring to create a non-contacting permanent seal.


How do I install my Inpro/Seal products?

View installation instructions for Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolators, Air Mizers and CDR®/MGS®


What applications are Inpro/Seal products used in?

Inpro/Seals are used in many different applications including pumps, motors, gearboxes, pillow blocks, fans, mixers, etc. - depending on your industry.